Workshop Programme

8.45 Workshop welcome
9.00 Invited talk: Open source community and business - how to make it work? Abstract
Timo Väliharju, CEO, Mediamaisteri Group. Bio
10.00 Break
10:15 Paper presentations (10 mins for each paper):
  • Method Transfer Using an Open Source Community. [paper] [slides]
    Anders Mattsson and Björn Lundell
  • Exploring Health within OSS Ecosystems. [paper] [slides]
    Björn Lundell, Bo Forssten, Jonas Gamalielsson, Henrik Gustavsson, Robert Karlsson, Christian Lennerholt, Brian Lings, Anders Mattsson and Erik Olsson
  • Issues with Designer Participation in FLOSS Communities. [paper] [slides]
    Paula M. Bach and Pascal Finette
  • The Anatomy of Sustainable Open Source Community Building: the Cultural Point of View. [paper] [slides]
    Teemu Mikkonen and Tere Vadén
  • Open Source Engineering of Proprietary Software: the Role of Community Practices. [paper] [slides]
    Furqan R. Shah, Imed Hammouda, and Timo Aaltonen
  • A Framework Analysis of Business Models for Open Source Software. [paper] [slides]
    Jesper Holck, Roberto Zicari, and Volker Mahnke
  • Community Building for Open Source Business Applications: the Core-Extensions-Themes Pattern. [paper] [slides]
    Jonathan P. Allen
  • Considerations for Trademarks and FLOSS Communities. [paper] [slides]
    Patrick Finch
  • Regional Industrial Promotion through Open Source Software by Local Government in Japan. [paper] [slides]
    Tetuo Noda and Terutaka Tansho
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Open discussion
14:30 Break
14:45 Knowledge café (joint session with D4PL workshop): organizational aspects & possible revenue models to assure self-sustainability
16:00 Workshop close

Invited Talk

Title: Open source community and business - how to make it work?

This invited talk addresses lessons learned during the 9 years of community development and service orientated business in Finland. Open Source community based technology development has been a reality over 10 years. There are many examples of successful open source projects during that time. Still there are only few communities that have matured to the point where they are able to make a profitable business. Community cooperation is vital to business but there are also multiple levels to participate in community development from the business point of view. Participation level in community seems to be a vital basic element to successful business model. What are the success factors behind the business driven communities? What are the factors that enables profitable business?

Timo Väliharju holds a masters degree in education and is currently the CEO of Mediamaisteri Group, an expert company in e-learning that aims to support the processes of web-based learning both for individual learners as well as organizations. Mr. Väliharju has been coordinating a number of EU projects on e-learning and has contributed to the establishment of the Learning Technology Centre at the University of Tampere. In addition to his industrial experience, he has held a lectureship position at the University of Tampere. He is the chairman 2009 of the Finnish Center for Open Source Solutions.