Open source software is gaining momentum in several forms. In addition to the huge increase in the number of open source projects started and the remarkable rise of FLOSS adoption by companies, new models of participation in the movement are emerging rapidly. For instance, companies are increasingly releasing some of their proprietary software systems as open source on one hand and acquiring open source software on the other hand. Taking the example of two big companies like Sun Microsystems and Nokia, in the former setting Sun has released the Java Platform Standard Edition for Business to their customers while Nokia has acquired Symbian and is giving it away as open source. In the latter setting, Sun has acquired MySQL and Nokia has gone QT after acquiring Trolltech.

Call for Contributions

In this workshop we will explore current and future trends associated with both the state-of-the practice and state-of-the art of open source development. This workshop will focus on studying the practices of open source communities and the way these communities are built and sustained. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

Intended Audience

The goal of the workshop is to bring together interested academics, practitioners, and enthusiasts to discuss topics related to the area of open source software development. The workshop will offer an opportunity for the participants to share experiences and discuss challenges involved in managing and running open source projects. The workshop will also identify key research issues and challenges that lie ahead.