Workshop Programme

Wednesday, 14.10.2009
11.00 Tutorial (by OSW 2009): Introduction to Open Source Software
12.00 Lunch
Session I. Chair: Björn Lundell
13.30 Workshop welcome
13.45 Invited presentation: High Performance Computing and Open Source Abstract
Erik Lönroth, Linux expert, Scania Infomate. Bio
14.30 Paper 1: An Onion is not Enough - Living in the Multi-onion World
Teemu J. Heinimäki and Timo Aaltonen
15.00 Break
Session II Chair: Imed Hammouda
15.30 Paper 2: How to kill an Open Source Community?
Stéphane Ribas and Michel Cezon
16.00 Panel: Exploring company involvement in OSS communities: Experiences from Nordic projects OSA and OSCOMM
16.45 Paper 3: Social Network Analysis of the Nagios Community
Jonas Gamalielsson, Björn Lundell, and Brian Lings
17.15 Day 1 close

Thursday, 15.10.2009
Session III Chair: Björn Lundell
09.00 Keynote: Open Source at the Premium Pension Authority of Sweden Abstract
Lars Wahlund, IT architect, PPM. Bio
10.00 Coffee break
Session IV Chair: Imed Hammouda
10.30 Paper 4: My Summer As a Mole: Evaluating an Open Source Community via Participation
Santtu Mikkonen, Terhi Kilamo and Tommi Mikkonen
11.00 Paper 5: Open Source for Process Control in Production Systems - Realizing its potential through a demonstrator
Björn Lundell, Anna Syberfeldt, and Robert Karlsson
11.15 Open discussion: Revisiting the 10 Myths About OSS
12:00 Workshop close

Invited Presentation

Title: High Performance Computing and Open Source

Highlighting experiences from utilizing a pure Open Source HPC platform at Scania R&D. What general conclusions we have drawn and how those results can be projected on other IT areas as well.

Erik Lönroth works as a Linux Technician at Scania Infomate HPC platforms. He has background in the gaming industry and software engineering.


Title: Open Source at the Premium Pension Authority of Sweden (PPM)

PPM is supporting six million pension savers, each with a personal pension fund portofolio, using an IT-platform based on a mix of Open Source and proprietary software.

The key message for the Open Source Workshop 2009 is that Open Source has passed its early stages and is now reliable, stable and supported enough for mission critical applications, including systems handling pension savings worth 30 billion Euros.

Lars Wahlund is IT architect at PPM. Having been in the IT industry for 30+ years he has participated in at least three generations of computing, from mainframes via personal computers to today's world of virtual server farms with Linux, MySQL, JBoss and other Open Source software. Lars has been working with PPM for 10 years and worked before that as an IT consultant for 20 years.